Posted January 27th, 2015



When I was young, I used to carry paper and pencils into the woods around my home in rural Wisconsin. I would build forts under the low branches of the long needle pine trees, crawl inside and draw all day long.

Hello and welcome. Many of you may already know me for my illustrations, my wax bird paintings and more. But there has been something missing from my creative life since I left college where I earned a degree in Printmaking, and that is access to my very own printing press. Last year, this all changed. My friend Eric Rewitzer at Three Fish Studios in San Francisco was purchasing a larger press, and needed to sell the current press in his space – the very one I happened to be using while visiting. As he mentioned this, I knew it was now or never. He kindly drove the press up to Portland and helped me set up my small but beloved printmaking studio, which I am adoringly calling Pine Fort Press.


– Gabriela Iturbide, photographer

I am an observer, and I subconsciously collect images and patterns and how light falls when I am in the woods, at the ocean or look up at the sky. I am grateful to recognize that I am full of wonder and need to find answers to how and why. And while I constantly forget names and dates, these observations are frozen into memory.

I want the images I create to be open-ended and simple: A subject with a subtle narrative leading the viewer somewhere. An image that has both gravity and lightness in being… That feels temporary, and holds secrets.

I am enjoying the moment of not recognizing my own hand in the resulting print. I adore imperfections and unexpected marks. All the darkness holds moments of translucent light and passage. The important thing to take away is the investigation I have while working this dark field, and the culmination that unfolds. This visceral response is needed to keep moving forward. To keep exploring.

This blog will be a record of my journey through ink to moistened paper. Please join me in my rediscovery of monoprinting.