A monoprint is essentially a printed painting. No two prints are alike. It is the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques.

This technique creates a quality of light very different from a painting on paper, and beauty lies in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing mediums.

 I work mainly in the subtractive dark-field method, in which the entire plate is covered with a thin layer of ink. An image is then created by removing areas of ink using rags, brushes, elements from nature and other tools.

About Me

I am an artist and illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. After acquiring a beautiful Conrad press in 2014, I was transported back to the days of earning my Printmaking degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I love to paint and draw, but being with the ink again is like returning home.

My iceberg images stem from a desire for ice and snow, of their stark contrast to their surroundings. They are mystery to me, and drawing them helps solve that in some small way, while capturing their epic stature. Planetary bodies and the space around are always a wonderful area of exploration and curiosity. The elk antlers and all else simply ground me. In all, it is the simplicity of each natural shape that completes the piece.